Want to rule the world?  There’s an app for that!  Back in the good old days explorers would roam the world and claim land on behalf of their home country. These days, everything is taken. No longer!  We have decided the world is free for claiming again using this app.  Own This World is a geo-dependent online game (GDOG) that allows you to take over territory based on your current location.  Your rank in the world climbs as you claim territory and if you have the most you are crowned the ruler of the World.  Owning territories allows you to accumulate resources (gold, manpower, food & supplies) which in turn allows you to attack other users in your current territory.  Compete against the entire world or buy your own personal world for you and your friends.  What are you waiting for, buy this app, claim your community and fulfill your destiny!

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Introductory Price:  $.99!

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